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Backing Up Startup config to External Media or TCP/IP

Dear all,


If anyone know how to Backup the startup Config from Powerconnect 6224 to external media or other computer in network.


and there is some other issue too, today I had issue with same switch dropping the packets at some point, restarted the switch couple of times and first one hour it works fine then it will drop the packets two ping's are success three of them loss then five lost two success, likewise continually .


it was annoying today, decided to save startup config and upgrade the firmware to new one. if it can help me.


If anyone have faced same issue or have any ideas to troubleshoot please do let me.


Thank you very much indeed in advace




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Re: Backing Up Startup config to External Media or TCP/IP

You use either the web mgt, go to System>General>File Management>File Upload

Select File Type Configuration, Transfer Mode HTTP, transfer file name Starup Config


Then Apply, it will ask you where you want to save the file


Alternatively, if you have a TFTP server, then via the CLI

copy tftp://a.b.c.d/startup-config

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