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Communication between VLANs on powerconnect 2748


I need to configure two VLANs (1 & 2) on a powerconnect 2748.

The VLAN 1 is the default VLAN.
Ports : 1-47 

The VLAN 2 was set up as such : 
- On the web GUI, click on "VLAN membership"
- Create a new VLAN with the VLAN ID 2
- Untag packets on the VLAN 2 for the port 41 to 48

The VLAN 1 has U by ports 1-40.
The VLAN 2 has U by ports 41-48.

In the VLAN Interface Settings, each port is associated with the correct VLAN.

The router is connected on the port 40 (VLAN1). I need this router can send information on the VLAN 2. So, I tag packets on the port 41 on VLAN 2. But it doesn't work.

I think I have to create a trunk port, but I don't know how to do it. There's no trunk notion on the 2748 web interface.

Can someone help me ?




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