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Config so nice I need it twice

Hey Folks,

I have a lovely 2 node stack of N4032F switches that functions perfectly fine.

My organization wants to duplicate this exact config to a second independent 2 node stack of the same model switch.The only difference between these two stacks will be the IP address of the OOB management port. The stack link on the existing stack is the QSFP+ port; this has been duplicated in the new stack.

We have all the hardware on hand and I can log into the new switches as expected. However, when I pull the running config from the existing stack and upload it to the running config of the new "node1", only "node1" gets config'd. The new node2 does not seem to pay any mind to the config.

Must I *first* configure stacking mode between the new nodes, reload, and THEN upload the desired stack configuration?


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Re: Config so nice I need it twice


What version is the firmware? After you upload the config does the stack start working? You may need to reload after the upload and then it can push the config to second switch.

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