Dell 6248P - VLAN, DHCP, Wireless AP's

I have a mac. I am trying to connect to the given IP address so I can download the installation program so my mac can connect to the projector.   I am unable to connect via the IP address. Is there another way?  

Also I am assuming I can connect with my mac and not a PC?

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Re: Dell 6248P - VLAN, DHCP, Wireless AP's

Just to clarify, you have a PowerConnect 6248 that your devices are connecting to. There is a specific device on the network that hosts a file share. Up to this point, all other devices have been able to access this file server. You now have a mac device, which is unable to connect to the file server?

How is this device connecting to the network? Wireless? Wired? Does the ability to connect to the file server change, if you change from wireless to wired?

Does this device have a static or DHCP assigned address? If DHCP, what happens if you assign it a static address?

Is this device able to connect to other devices on the network, besides the file server?

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