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Dell N4064 connection to Brocade VDX6740B

Hi PowerConnect Forum.

I have a brief query regarding interconnecting the N4064 switch (10GBase-T ports) with a Brocade VDX6740B switch (10GB SFP+ ports).

We have had to rule out using directly connecting QSFP+ 40GB or finding a module (that doesnt seem to exist) for the Brocade to support 10Gbase-T connectivity,

I was recommended to take a look at the 40GbE QSFP+ to 4 x 10GbE SFP+ Cable ( which appears to be available in 1m,3m,7m and other sizes - in theory this should allow the physical interconnection required from the Dell switches into the Brocade's 'bare' SFP+ ports.

My key concerns are around compatibility .. i.e. has anyone done this before with an N4064 to a Brocade switch. Also for both the 1m (link above) and 3m cable the N4064 isn't shown as a supported platform (although this is the part that was recommended)

Finally (!) - would I just be safer from a compatibility prespective opting for the SFP+ 10GbE Module expansion card for the N4064 instead and then connecting to the Brocade using either Direct-Attach or Optics + Cables. (

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RE: Dell N4064 connection to Brocade VDX6740B

The 1,3, and 7m cables will work fine in the N4064. I would think that they would work with the Brocade, but I don't have any documentation stating this.

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