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RE: Dell PowerConnect 6248 LAG Dropping Connection

Hey Daniel,

sorry for the late reply. Bit of an update:

I changed the core switch to 4096 and there was even more packet loss. I expected maybe a little at first, but this happened for about 40 minutes so it is now back to 32768. I am really stuck at what to try next.

Just to remind you the blade switch physical port is in LAG 1, although only 1 port is a member of LAG 1 on the blade switch, however 2 ports are in LAG 1 on the core switch, but only 1 cable connected! Id did not set this up. The blade switch of course keeps complaining that 'Link on LAG- 1 is failed'.

Obvious I know that I need to remove the LAG altogether or create another member on the blade switch and get another cable plugged in. The latter would be my preferred option. This would have been done months ago, but the DC is half way across the city and we rarely visit. Also, we are now in the process of decommissioning the Blade server altogether, so there has been little progress, but now I want to get to the bottom of it.

I think first things first, we need the LAG sorted, but between now and my next visit to the data centre, do you have any advice?

P.S. B1 and B2 don't connect to the switch All of the servers on the blade connect to our core switch through that one cable in LAG 1.

Thanks in advance.


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