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Dell Powerconnect Backups

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I am new to the Dell switch infrastructure, and I was wondering if there is a way to autoamte backups from the switch to a ftp server? Since I work on a lot of cisco products we do have a few dells out in the field and I need to generate backups for those as well. Somethiong that Cisco switches use is called kron job or archive. is there such thing for dell as well? I wasnt able to find any documentation on the internet regarding this.

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Re: Dell Powerconnect Backups

I do not think the switch can schedule the backup job on it's own. But the open manage network management software, can schedule backups.

Configuration File Backup / Restore for OMNM 5.0


In the default Dell OpenManage Network Manager screen layout, go to the Configuration Management > Summary page.


In the Managed Resources portlet, select (click on) a Managed Resource of interest.


Right-click on Selected Resource in the Managed Resources portlet, and then click File Management > Restore or Backup.


Enter the information needed to create the backup or restoration.


Optionally click Add Schedule to schedule the backup task.


Click Execute to immediately do Backup or Save to save the configured backup to run later.


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