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Dell Server PFsense DHCP Client > Dell 8024 > VLAN > LACP > VLAN > Dell 6224 > Modem Cable

Hi all!

I'm about to give up on dell power connect and return on other networking switch. I can't seem to make this setup working again. Any help or thaught would be appreciated. Here is the scenario:

The hardware:

Dell R410 Rackmount Server with PFSense latest 

Dell powerconnect 8024 with latest firmware

Dell powerconnect 6224 with latest firmware

Modem Cable Technicolor TC4400 brand new

I need to connect building A with the PFsense DHCP client and 8024 with Building B with 6224 and modem cable with a redundant LACP TRUNK on two 10GIG RJ45.

The working part:

The Dell R410 Server with PFSense and the 8024 are connected together with two 10GIG/RJ45 LACP redundant Trunk that carry multiples VLAN.

The 8024 and 6224 are connected together with two 10GIG/RJ45 LACP redundant Trunk that carry multiples VLAN.

The Modem Cable is connected in the 6224 > vlan > trunk lacp >  8024 > trunk lacp, vlan > Dell Server, Vlan>  pfsense DHCP Client!


The PFSense DCHP Client IS NOT able to get an IP from the Modem Cable BUT if I connect a simple linksys router it's working! I get an IP and the connectivity works. Simple solution here is to just let the cheap linksys router between the 6224 and the modem cable and Voila! But it's not elegant and I have to double the work every time I need to NAT something.

The question of the modem cable MAC address LOCK was taken in consideration when all the test are made. So the problem is not there.


I know you will ask for the config dump to validate it but I have tried about everything that is in the manual/community. ( I can post all the configs if needed )

DHCP Snooping/DCHP Relay/IP Helper/LLDP / Multicast/Trused port/Spanning tree... etc

Be it enable or disable and can't seem to make it work again because it did work at one time! Unfortunately the config was not saved and I can't get it to work again! Power outage...

I wireshark the port at the modem cable.

With the linksys between the modem and the 6224:

linksys : DHCP Discover

modem : DHCP Offer

linksys : DHCP Request

modem : DHCP ACK

And it goes until the linksys gets the ip

Without the linksys between the modem and the 6224:

Pfsense DHCP Request

Modem: never reply

Pfsense DHCP Request continue until it times out without the pfsense getting any ip


I think there is some part missing something here. I'm looking for hint on how you would do it! What needs to be done for the Full DHCP request to go from the pfsense DHCP client all the way to the Modem cable!

Any help would be appreciated


Thanks in advance!


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