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Example config for 2 vlan routing and management ip.

We have a 6224 stack, we want to use two vlan's on it

Vlan 10 for network 10.1.1.X /24

Vlan 40 for network 192.168.0.X /24


Our workstations reside also in 10.1.1.X network so we need to administer the switch from there.


Traffic from 192.168.0.X should be routed to 192.168.0.X (and visa versa)


How do I setup this, when I configure an address for the admin interface and vlan 10 i cannot setup the routing for that vlan ?.


(Actually I don't want out-of-band management just management from our default lan)


Please advice,


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Re: Example config for 2 vlan routing and management ip.

You will need to move the management IP address off VLAN 10 in order to route it

you will do this with the ip address command in configuration mode

first you will create a vlan for the management ip address
for example VLAN 1000
this is a vlan that will not be routed and does not have to be used
console(config)#vlan database
console(config-vlan)#vlan <new vlan used for management network>

then the command for the ip address
again this could be an IP address from an unused subnet
console(config)#ip address <IP address for management network> <subnet mask>

then the command to assign it to the management VLAN 1000
console(config)#ip address vlan <vlan used for management network>

then enable routing on the VLANs like normal

**You can access and manage the switch from any VLAN
the purpose of this is just to move the management VLAN away from a routed
VLAN so that the routed VLAN can be routed
the management IP address and VLAN can be totally unused

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