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GVRP not replicating VLAN configuration

Hello, I have two PowerConnect 3524 switches that I want to setup VLANs on. I want to have 3 VLANS: 1xOffice; 1xWifi; 1xOther. I want all three to be separate without the ability communicate with each other, but they all need internet access.

I have setup one VLAN for now (on SwitchB) and connected two ports/computers to it. Currently, the rest of the network is still on VLAN1. The two computers on VLAN 2 are seeing all computers on the network and have internet access.

My SwitchA has a very simple setup:

  • fa0/1 = trunk (to the router/firewall)
  • g3 = general (to SwitchB)
  • GVRP enabled on g3 for "state", "dynamic vlan configuration", and "gvrp registration"

My SwitchB is also simple:

  • g4 = general (to SwitchA)
  • e19 = general VLAN 2
  • e22 = general VLAN 2
  • GVRP enabled on g4 for "state", "dynamic vlan configuration", and "gvrp registration"

I have been using the web-interface only.

I was expecting/hoping that the two computers on VLAN2 would see each other and have internet access, but not see the other computers on the network. I was also expecting to see VLAN 2 get created on SwitchA but that is not happening either.

Any suggestions on how to fix this? Many thanks.

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RE: GVRP not replicating VLAN configuration


Is there are a reason you are using GVRP? It usually is better to manually configure the VLANs on the switches except in very large environments. What does show gvrp configuration show? Page 373

For the VLANs being able to see each other, how are the subnets configured? This switch doesn't have IP routing, so they should be separate unless they are the same subnet or the router is routing between them. 

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RE: GVRP not replicating VLAN configuration

Hello Josh,

I certainly could create each VLAN separately. I thought GVRP would be easier. The output of 'show gvrp configuration' yielded the following:

GVRP Feature is currently Enabled on the device.

Maximum VLANs: 254

Port(s)  GVRP-Status Registration Dynamic VLAN  Timers(milliseconds)

                                   Creation    Join      Leave      Leave All

-------- ----------- ------------ ------------  ----      -----      ---------

e1       Disabled    Normal       Enabled       200       600        10000

... [all ports in between have the same settings as above]

g4       Enabled     Normal       Enabled       200       600        10000

ch1      Disabled    Normal       Enabled       200       600        10000

... [remaining channels have same configuration]

I will connect the VLANs to different ports on the firewall/router which can DHCP serve IP's with different subnets to different VLANs; I haven't done that yet.

Thanks for your assistance.

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