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Get Free SSL For Your Website With Cloudflare

Google has been working very hard to make the internet safer and has now begun to mark websites who don't have an SSL certificate installed but still exchange user data as “Non-Secure”. Therefore, it is now a must-do to serve your website data across HTTPS/SSL to secure your visitors’ data and also to show them that your brand cares about their security.

What is an SSL Certificate?

On most websites today, you would see that they begin with “https://” in the URL, which is due to the use of an SSL certificate on it. But that is not just for indication purposes, there are a lot more going on in the background.

Secure Sockets Layer(SSL) helps to establish an encrypted connection between your web server and the website visitor. This ensures that all data which are passed between the two is private and no-one in the middle has any access to it. Even if someone manages to tap the connection, the data will still be of no use to them, as it is encrypted end-to-end.

Coming back to the SSL certificate, it is a tiny file that comes together with a cryptographic key with your organization and domain details. It is now placed on the server to turn on HTTPS protocol. The browser and Operating system vendors work with SSL Certificate Authorities to also add the Root Certificates (from which the SSL certificate is produced) within their software so that the installed certificate can be authenticated and a secure connection would then be established between the web server and the end-user browser.

Why do you need to have an SSL certificate on your website?

While eCommerce websites, banking institutions have been using SSL for a very long time other websites are just starting to use it now. Apart from the main benefit of securing user information and prevention of a data leak, one of the major driving factors has been Google’s webmaster guideline. It states that SSL will be now be considered as a ranking factor in their search algorithm. This was announced back in 2014 and since then many websites have started moving over to HTTPS. So websites with an SSL certificate are bound to get a slightly higher ranking than websites without...View full post here: HERE