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How do you manage your PowerConnect configs?

I'm just curious how do you all manage your Dell PowerConnect configs?

If a change is made to a switch how do you copy the updated config and to where?

Is the process manual or automated? If so, how?


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Re: How do you manage your PowerConnect configs?

Powerconnect has 2 config files,

1. Running config  - the config which is currenlty running on the switch

2. Startup config- the config which will get loaded next time your switch boots.

Some models also have option of Backup config - kept as a standby for your startup config or entirely different config in memory.

Any modifications you make, it will be made on the running config. In case of reboot the running config is cleared and whatever is stored in startup config will get loaded.

Hence in case if you want to save any changes, you have to copy your running config to your startup config either using CLI command or the Web GUI.

console# copy running-config startup-config

This command should be manually issued in the CLI. If you are doing any changes in your GUI then you have a option of save changes and reboot.


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Re: How do you manage your PowerConnect configs?

We use Rancid (www.shrubbery.net/rancid/)

It poll the switch on a regular basis.

It does config versioning using CVS (showing diff between old and new config)

It send emails when there is a change (usefull when a lots of people are working on a network)

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