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How to get DHCP working on 5524

Hi guys,

I have a ESXi cluster with 3 hosts, a 5524 switch and a virtual machine that has dhcpd installed and using a nic with VLAN 1. When I add a new virtual machine on the same host and VLAN the dhcp works. But if I migrate, or create, on another host I'm not getting any ip from the DHCP. The other hosts has a nic with the same name and running on VLAN 1. 

I can't figure out what I need to do. I tried to add a DHCP Relay and a DHCP Interface on VLAN 1 (the switch gets an ip from the DHCP) but it still dosent work. I'm lost here...

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Re: How to get DHCP working on 5524

Besides DHCP, if you assign a static address to your guest, is it able to ping guests on other hosts, access the switch, internet?

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