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ISCSI configuration on 6248

Hello Everyone,


I'm planning to use a stacked pair (using 48g stacking modules) of 6248s atop my rack for server and storage network connections and some LAG connections back to my core. I originally thought of using 5448 because it was ISCSI-optimized but really like what the stacking provides in terms of inter-switch throughput and management. That said, can the 6248 be configured similarly so that is also ISCSI-optimized? My guess is yes but might take a little more config than the 5448. Is it simply just turning on jumbo-frames, flow-control, a bit of CoS, etc? Does anyone know the full list of "optimizations" and if so could list? Thanks in advance.


Also, in reference to a comment made by "Dell-Joe S" in this thread:



Does anyone know if this is the latest 6248 firmware (1/21/2011 v3.2.1.3,A22) that is safe from the dropped ISCSI packets that Dell-Joe S refers to?




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Re: ISCSI configuration on 6248


As far as I know that list isn't very big:

  • turn on flow control
  • use jumbo frames
  • if you need STP use R-STP (MST) and portfast feature 
  • turn off unicast storm control
  • use separate VLAN
  • QoS is not recommended by Dell and EqualLogic

iSCSI optimized switch do it automatically for EqualLogic Arrays and also provides some additional information about iSCSI traffic. I can't say about it in details, because I have no practice with PC55XX, but for me it looks like PR and advertisment.

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