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IXP vlan200 -- portG4 PC3524 port e20 -- Cisco7200

I need to connect to a peering point, they have assigned me a vlan 200.

I am extending a 1000base tx port on peering point switch to a 100base tx port on a cisco 7200 using the powerconnect 3524 switch. the peering switch connect to G4 and the 100tx router to e20.

The IXP switch only accepts one mac address and when I plug the 7200 in to port e20 the IXP switch shuts their port down as it sees two mac addresses (the PC3524 and the cisco7200)

How do I config the PC3524 so it only present one mac?



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Re: IXP vlan200 -- portG4 PC3524 port e20 -- Cisco7200

You must ensure that PC3524 never generates any packet itself towards the IXP. So disable spanning-tree, LLDP and other periodic L2 protocols on port G4 and also make sure PC3524 has no ip address configured in vlan 200.

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