InterVlan routing is not working

I've a PowerConnect 8164.
i'm creating just the basic configuration like this:

One VLAN 30, with IP, and i've added TenGigaBit port 30 to this Vlan


One VLAN 40, with IP, and i've added TenGigaBit port 30 to this Vlan

I've one device in VLAN 30 with IP and with DefaulGateway

I've another device in VLAN 40 with IP with Default Gateway

But i could not connect between this two devices.

I could ping succefully ping from the HOST its default gateway, also the other VLAN ip
BUt i could not ping to the other host

THe same thing happen with other device.
I've enabled globally: ip routing command

ON PC there is not firewall/antivirus etc...

This is the first time i'm working with dell devices, and i'm failing just to the first thing, that is so simple.
I've to create LAGs, stacking...but i'm failing just to this basic step.

Where is the problem? what can i dot?  

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Re: InterVlan routing is not working

Are the two devices that are trying to ping each other on the same switch or separate switches?

You mentioned we have IP routing enabled globally on the switch, do we have routing enabled on each of the VLANS?

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