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i get all my upgrades at asu surpluys...SO it was all ready somthng people are upgtadrading away and up flrom. the last computer i bought was a dell GX620 i went on delll on bought the upgrade 4.0 ram set and got a geforce driver. dvdrw oprical drives  ;; xp pro /sp3

the whole unit wiht key board and mouse ($120 + (4g ram from dell)   $79 + (mavada 240graphics card) $79 = $278 No $278 is a faster chip ram and graphics you get a lot. these your the gift i give the the kilds and parents.

the old dell had a great place in the years to come... So with they ght the power working 7 tiny dell conectthrn and poog\ffff whold in  the space time

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