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Logging buffer size for local syslog on PowerConnect 8xxx


Is anyone aware size of the logging buffer on 8xxx?

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Re: Logging buffer size for local syslog on PowerConnect 8xxx

The messages the switch generates in response to events, faults, errors, and

configuration changes can be recorded in several locations. By default, these

messages are stored locally on the switch in the RAM (cache). This collection

of log files is called the RAM log or buffered log. When the RAM log file

reaches the configured maximum size, the oldest message is deleted from the

RAM when a new message is added. If the system restarts, all messages are


The first log type is the system startup log. The system startup log stores

the first 32 messages received after system reboot. The log file stops when

it is full.

The second log type is the system operation log. The system operation log

stores the last 1000 messages received during system operation. The oldest

messages are overwritten when the file is full.

Each log message is limited to 96 bytes.

So if all the logs are full its going to use 99.07kb of the systems RAM.

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