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MAC Address Filtering PC2808

I have a very small office that requires MAC address filtering on their network (meaning I assign a list of MAC addresses to each port; addresses that are not on the list cannot connect to the PC2808).  Before I purchased this switch my account rep confirmed that this was possible.

I have done this in the past several times with 53xx series from the CLI with no issues.  The CLI on this switch seems to be stripped down to almost nothing and the dot1x and bridge command do not seem to be available.  The Web interface is a bit confusing but I still see nowhere I can list MAC addresses.

Can anyone help me with this configuration or tell me definitively that it is not possible with the PC28xx series switches?  Also, please do not post just to tell me the merits of 802.1x or the pitfalls of MAC filtering as I am very aware of the limitations and do not have the resources for RADIUS at this location.

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Re: MAC Address Filtering PC2808


PC54XX (early PC53XX) description lists Port-based MAC Address alert and lock-down as one of it's features. I can't find similar string for PC28XX, just 802.1X.

Also you may find useful part of manual that describes network security options:

<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>


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