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Management VLAN issue

Hi Guys i would like to access the switches via the web, i have 5 vlans and moved the management vlan to VLAN 10.

VLANS 1-4 are routable and function correctly.

I have given the switch an address of and had to set the default gateway of although that default gateway does not exist.

I cannot add it to interface VLAN 10 as this is the management and not routable, so this obviously means i cannot ping it let alone access it via web.

How can i gain access to the switch via the web interface if i cant assign a default gateway?

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Re: Management VLAN issue

The default gateway is optional.  You would only need that if connecting from another network.

console# configure

console(config)# interface vlan 10

console(config-if)# ip address /16

console(config-if)# exit

console(config)# ip default-gateway

What is the actual switch model that you are configuring?  If you do not set up a default gateway are you able to access the switch on IP from a client on that network?

Is there a router/switch upstream that this switch is connected?  That would be the default gateway.  You would need a physical gateway the is pingable.

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