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Marking ingress traffic for CoS - S Series

Hi all

Dell L3 Support seem to be struggling with this one...

Anybody got an example for OS10 on an S4048 series switch, I want to mark any traffic coming in to an interface with CoS class 5.  This is for iSCSI traffic.  So far I've got this:

ip access-list iSCSI-NW

 seq 10 permit ip any any


Ideally I'd apply this in a class but I get the following.  It wants a access-group, not a list...  Can't see how to create a group....

MB-NSW13(config-cmap-qos)# match ip access-group iSCSI-NW

% Error: Illegal parameter.

Then in a policy-map, and assigned to an interface...

Yes I've read the OS10 U/G... Not that much help.

Also tried to match on VLAN, but that doesn't work either





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