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Mixed tagged/untagged network.


I'm new to VLANs in general and I'm having a little trouble to create the following setup.

I have a few of servers that will be connected directly to a PowerConnect 5448, this traffic will be untagged since some of these equipments can't tag their traffic. They need to talk to each other. Let's call this network-1.

On some other port, I'll have a optical fiber termination which brings me both tagged and untagged packets. Here's where I'm having problem:

The tagged traffic coming on this port needs be in contact with "network-1" which is untagged so, how do I do that?

Also, the untagged traffic coming on this port cannot be in contact with "network-1", so I assume it needs to be tagged and "routed" to some other port... I also can't achieve that so far...

Is this possible or I'm approaching this wrongly?


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