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N3048P Power Supply LED not lit.

I am new to Dell switches and have a question about the power supply LEDs on the front of the switches.  What do these LEDs actually mean?  I have a switch that has the PS1 LED lit, but PS2 LED is not lit even though both power supplies are installed and have power applied.  I inadvertently unplugged PS1 and that LED went out too, but the switch still continued to run fine.  After plugging PS1 back in, I connected to the switch and ran show system, it said that both PS1 was OK and had been up for several minutes and PS2 had a status of Failure.  The green light on each of the power supplies in the back is lit.  After unplugging PS2 and plugging it back in, the front panel LED was lit and both power supplies have a status of OK.  I am assuming that if power is lost at any point, the LED goes out and doesn't come back on again until there is some sort of reset performed.  Is this normal behavior?  Is there a command I can run to reset those LEDs if this happens again?



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RE: N3048P Power Supply LED not lit.

Here are the meanings for the LEDs on the front of the switch for the power supply.

-Off =There is no power or the switch has experienced a power failure.

-Solid green = Power to the switch is on.

-Blinking green = The switch locator function is enabled.

A power supply fault message can be caused by multiple different things. For instance if there is a fluctuation in the power being supplied to the power supply, a fault could be tripped. Is the switch plugged into a UPS? If so and the UPS is capable of logging, that would be another location to check for logs which might indicate power fluctuation.

Ensuring the firmware is up to date is usually a good maintenance measure to take and can help with overall operability.


If you continue to see issue with PS2, I would schedule a time to swap the power supplies with each other. Then monitor to see if the errors follow the power supply or stay with the slot. Be sure to remove the power cable from the power supplies prior to removing the power supply module itself. Power must not be connected prior to insertion in the chassis.

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