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PCT6224 VLAN Guidance

I have a PCT6224 running This is going to be my core switch.

At each of my remote sites (connected via fiber ONT) I will have a PCT5xxx (5424 or something similar).
The ONT at each site directs to the ONT a the main site and converts fiber to a single gigabit copper line.
The provider is tagging our traffic and I believe stripping off their tags when they hand it to us so we receive
whatever vlan tags we send through the ONTs. In our case each site will have a tag of say: 200,300,400,500,etc. 

On the PCT5xxx the uplink (g1) will be a trunk. (This is the remote site)

interface ethernet g1
switchport mode trunk
switchport trunk allowed vlan add 300

On the PCT6224 receiving port  (1/g1) I have this working in trunk mode. I believe that is correct and it appears to work correctly.
(This is the main site) 

interface ethernet 1/g1
switchport mode trunk
switchport trunk allowed vlan add 200,300


Does the above make sense? Do I trunk each port on those switches that connect to each other? I want to make sure on the 6224
that if I have quite a few vlans coming in on a single copper port I don't want to be using general mode with all the vlan allowed.


Also as for the device access I wanted to clarify access mode versus general mode. Access mode makes sense in that untagged
traffic on that port is tagged for the vlan assigned. So a computer plugged into that port doesn't tag its traffic but when it his the switch
it is assigned the vlan associated with that interface port. 

Would I use general mode if I were to setup a VOIP system in that a VOIP phone on VLAN 999 had a computer plugged into the phone
and the computer is on vlan 300. General mode would apply here because I will want 2 vlans to flow through a single port and have their
own tag. I'm starting to think I shouldn't use switchport access mode as I plan on integrating a voip system that will be on a separate vlan
presumably using the same ports as the computer vlan.  


Am I tracking correctly thus far? Thanks! 

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Re: PCT6224 VLAN Guidance

If you want your VLANs to extent from your main site into you remote sites then your correct that both ports must be in trunk mode and you must allow the particular VLANs you wish to extend to your remote sites.

I have not done any VoIP on the PC6200s but it does not look like you need to use general mode for VoIP traffic.

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