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Ports randomly drop on 3348 and 3324 that are connected to 5324

I have an issue that started several months ago.  First I will say that for the last 3 years the switches have had no issues and worked fine.

I have an upstairs and downstairs in our office.  All servers are down stairs with serveral users, the rest are upstairs.


Downstairs I have a 5324 with a LAG  on 4 ports going to the  5324 Upstairs.  Also on the 5324 upstairs I have two more Lags both with 2 ports.  Lag 2  goes from the 5324 upstairs to a 3348  and Lag 3 goes from the 5324 upstairs to a 3324.

Randomly throughout the day users would complain they were kicked out of exchange, or kicked off the internet.  They simply logged back in and everything was fine.  I went thru the Ram log files and could see on the Upstairs 5324 that my Lags 2 and 3 which went to the 3348 and 3324 would drop and then instantly reconnect. However the Lag 1 that went downstairs to the other 5324 never had an issue.  Some days no issues, other days it would drop 3-5 times.

I believe it to be a bad switch upstairs (5324)  so I switched it out with the same model downstairs.   I also removed Lag 2 and Lag 3 and simple have one cable from the Upstairs 5324 to the 3348 and one cable from the 5324 to the 3324.

Guess what,   its is still happening.  So I know its not the 5324 switch.  And now instead of the Lag 2 and 3 going down,  I see the ports that connect the 3324 and 3348 go down and come back up.

What is more confusing is why do both 3348 and 3324 go down together.   I seriously need help in determining what to do next.



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