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Power Connect 5548 broken and replaced by two more broken switches

Hi I got a power connect 5548 dec 2012 from the day we got it we issue the ports drop on and out all the time so I called dell they said it a known issue turn of green ethernet and that should fix it as well as updating the firmware after doing that and still having the same issue I rang dell they sent me a new switch and I went  through the process of setup which meant more down time for users any way to cut a long story short I ended up where I started with the 2nd switch doing the same thing so dell offered me a third switch which i could setup my self or have a dell tech setup the unit  they also said he will plug in one item at a time to work out why the switch is dropping ports and that he will configure the switch with my current settings .So I said send me your tech. So the dell tech got here 3pm on friday so I left him to configure the switch while I un plugged the current one . but after a hour he had got no where he spent the 1st hour reading the manual that came with the switch he did not know how to set it up (Im not kidding you) I then said look i knw what Im doing so I talked him through the setup wizard  when it got to password he said I just use password and you can change it latter but he entered nothing as when the setup wizard was done I asked him are you testing it now or are you putting in my current config he said he know nothing about him testing anything and that I need to configure the switch latter he was just meant to run setup wizard confirm its working and thats all . any way I then ask can I at least setup http access as I dont have console access so agin he did not know how too so I went to do it but could not as he set no password even those h said he would use password as password so I had to delete config and start the setup wizard from start but as I was just about done he said it looks like the switch is broken I ask why he said the fan not operational light was on thefront he then went to ring dell to tell them so I look at the first two switches we got and they too have fan not operational in the logs from the first day they were started so I have been sent 3 switches and all three have not worked all ports drop on and out and on top of that all three have had broken fans from day one and I was sent a tech that did not know how to run the setup wizard on the switch and he was sent out to trouble shoot the only reason I know how too was from having to setup three swithes and the setting are close to cisco so if he was a network tech he should of known how to configure a switch . So please dont by 5548 it wont work .

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Re: Power Connect 5548 broken and replaced by two more broken switches

I apologize that we are still seeing issues with the switch. I will continue to relay this information to the case owner and management in order to help get an action plan in place.

I will post here and email you with any information i receive back.


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