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PowerConnect 2748 not entering managed mode.


We have two 2748's that have been run in unmanaged mode for a long time.

Today I went to switch them to managed mode.  Got the paperclip and pressed the managed mode button.

Green light appears for Managed Mode on.  Great, no... Cannot ping the device on

Also, the switch DOES NOT reboot.  Pressing mode button again does nothing, light stays green.

Removed power and all network cables.  Restarted, it starts up in Unmanaged mode.

Pressed mode button again.  Same.. No reboot, no ping, light stays on Managed.

So I try the other one.  It exhibits the same symptoms.

Can anyone help me with this please?  I'd like to get managed mode up and running.



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Re: PowerConnect 2748 not entering managed mode.

Update: After speaking to Dell technical support, they are sending me a replacement unit.

They seem to think the behavior is normal at support, however we'll test the replacement unit and compare how it works with ours.  Update to come.