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PowerConnect 5324 Upgrade issues from bt1.0.0.21 /sw1.0.0.47 to Latest?

Hey guys,

I'm planning a maintenance for this weekend to bring some old powerconnects (5324's) up to snuff. Are there any known issues or recommendations when performing an upgrade from this old of a revision in code (bt1.0.0.21 /sw1.0.0.47)? I look forward to your replies, thanks!


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RE: PowerConnect 5324 Upgrade issues from bt1.0.0.21 /sw1.0.0.47 to Latest?

The firmware download includes a PDF titled "Downloading the Software". Follow the steps outlined in the PDF and you should have no issues updating the firmware. The PDF has some notes to keep in mind when updating.

"NOTE: If you are trying upgrade from, please make sure software version is downloaded to the PowerConnect 5324, along with new boot code version New firmware and new boot code must upgrade at the same time. Failure to download the new boot code results in the system rebooting continuously. This will require an XMODEM download of the previous version of software (5324-10047.ros) using XMODEM and the Startup Menu to recover."

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