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PowerConnect 6248 management IP address

Just added some 6248s to our growing network. The old network is some 3xxx Dell managed switches of which you assign an IP address to them and it asks you if you want that IP address attached to a physical port or a VLAN. I had them all part of VLAN-50 (192.168.50.x) along with a linux terminal with ssh to manage that network and ACL that allowed me access via a remote desktop to access https.

This new 6248 assigns this IP address (via the setup wizard) to VLAN-1 and my VLAN-50 network doesn't see it. Reading the manuals I think switching the management vlan1 group to vlan50 would be an option but it also made it sound as if I did this any accidentally unassigned ports would have access to the management network which has me a little concerned.

Any thoughts or suggestions on how I can get them all on VLAN-50 and leave the default (unassigned ports) going to vlan-1?

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Re: PowerConnect 6248 management IP address

you're looking for the 'ip address vlan 50' command.
this did the trick for me, all ports are still default in vlan 1, and the management IP is on vlan 50
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Re: PowerConnect 6248 management IP address

To put the management VLAN on another number, do the following:
Console(config)# vlan database
Console(config-vlan)# vlan 2000 (something you'll never use)
Console(config-vlan)# exit
Console(config)# no ip address 192.168.50.xxx
Console(config)# ip address vlan 2000
Console(config)# ip address 192.168.444.444 (or something else you won't use)
Console(config)# ip default-gateway (similiar, something you won't use)
Console(config)# interface vlan 1
Console(config-if)# ip address
Console(config-if)# routing

Routing may be turned on on VLAN 2000 when you create it. If it is, do "no routing" on vlan 2000 interface config.

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