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Powerconnect 2848 1.0 QoS VOIP


Can someone please tell me how I can configure Voice QoS on the Powerconnect 2848 (or if there is any documentations besides the userguide that explains it better)?

I want all ports on the switch to prioritize VOIP.

No other configurations is done on the switch as it is now.




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Joe Collins
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RE: Powerconnect 2848 1.0 QoS VOIP


 Unfortunately it’s not as easy as some people might think.

Set yourself up a vlan that you want to use for Voice.

Have another vlan for your data traffic

In VLAN Membership:

Mark the interface as tagged for the Voice data and untagged (native) for the data network

Under port settings make sure the PVID is the data vlan.

On your phones add the vlan ID that you are going to tag.

So if you are connecting a phone to a computer and the phone to the switch then the traffic from the computer would ride on the native vlan and the phone will be on the tagged vlan.  

Now that you have separated traffic it’s time to work on the QOS side

COS enable

Trust 802.1P or DSCP ?  Whatever your phones is going to use.  Normally 802.1P

COS Interface – I would set the default COS for incoming to 4 ---0 is best effort and can be dropped.

Do not disable trust mode

You will have to consult your phone settings and have an understanding of what it is using to adjust if needed in the QOS settings.  Allot to get into here.  But you will have to research.  

At a bare minimum you have separated the traffic by VLAN so no worries there.

Remember to add both VLANs as tagged on you uplink.

Hope this helps  -test test test.

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RE: Powerconnect 2848 1.0 QoS VOIP

so there is no easier way of doing it? like enable qos for all ports (global) and specify voice traffic to be prioritized.

i might skip doing this on the switch and set it up on my fortigate instead

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