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QoS for voice vlan, PC8024F, X1052, N1024

Sorry for such a simple questions, I'm newbie in setting QoS.
We have 1x DELL PC8024F which is our core switch.
Rest are X1052 and N1024 switches.

All of them are used to provide Internet for Cameras, PC, Printers and VoIP phones.
I have declared specific VLANs per equipment. One for cameras, one for printers, PC and of course phones.

Let's say I want to give the highest priority for VLAN 35 (phones).
I thought it would be easy - set highest priority for vlan 35 on all switches and that's all. 

From the manual I see that I need to configure every port where is a phone, on every switch, to use VLAN 35 as Voice VLAN and switches will recognize that there is a phone via DSCP, LLDP or CDP. I think it's time consuming and very uncomfortable when you need to change where is the phone in the company (and so, the port on the switch). I can't belive it's so complicated so my understanding is probably wrong. If you can be so kind and explain it to me I would be very grateful!

Thanks in advance!

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Re: QoS for voice vlan, PC8024F, X1052, N1024


The access layer switches would need to be configured that way, other layers would just need trunk ports that pass the VLANs. If you used something like Openmanage network manager you could have some of the settings automated.

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