Reset 2824 Switch to Factory Defaults

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I recently acquired a used 2824 switch.  When configuring it I messed up on the password and now I can't get into it.  Is there a way to reset it to factory defaults so I can start over again?

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Ted Cohen

Re: Reset 2824 Switch to Factory Defaults

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I want to know how to reset a dell switch to factory defaults too, so if some one can answer that question, please do, but cobra can solve his issue without defaulting the device.


This is what I did with a 3348. Get a null modem cable, plug it between a computer and the console port (DB9F) on your swith. Start up a terminal emulator on your coputer, configure it for the port you are plugged into and start at 9600bps, 8 data, 0 stop no parity. (IIRC) see if you can talk to the switch by typing a "?" you should not have to press enter. If you can't communicate, try different port settings until you can. Once you are communicating, power the switch off and on, and press enter on the terminal just once, as soon as you see the boot messages start to scroll.  When the scrolling stops, you should be at a "boot menu", option 4 shoud be password reset. Press, 4 pretty quickly, if you do nothing the boot resumes.  After pressing 4, You can try pressing enter, pressing escape or just waiting a second or two (which is what happend to me while I was trying to decide between enter and escape) and the boot will continue.  For the duration of that session, no password is required. This allows you to go in and recreate passwords on your users.  Before unpluging the console port, test logging in from another device to be sure that you did it correctly. Once you are done, reboot but don't use the boot menu.


Re: Reset 2824 Switch to Factory Defaults

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Connect a PC with hyper terminal (or other terminal emulation) to the serial port in the back of the switch (use a null modem cable, 9600, 8, none, 1).

Powercycle the switch.

on the serial console, use the Startup menu to delete the file 'config'. (see serial capture below)

Switch will be put into unmanaged mode.

Press "MODE" button on front of switch to change mode to managed.  "MANAGED" LED should light up.

connect to the switch with a web browser via ip address 

login to the switch via the default username/password: username='admin', password=<leave blank>

This will present the Restore Saved Configuration page.  Click 'Apply'

switch will reboot, connect to switch via web again using defaults above and start configuring switch.




Autoboot in 2 seconds - press RETURN or Esc. to abort and enter prom.

  Startup Menu

[1]  Download Software
[2]  Erase Flash File
[3]  Enter Diagnostic Mode
[4]  Set Terminal Baud-Rate
[5]  Back
 Enter your choice or press 'ESC' to exit:
Warning! About to erase a Flash file.

Are you sure (Y/N) ? y
Write Flash file name (Up to 8 characters, Enter for none.):config
File config (if present) will be erased after system initialization.

==== Press Enter To Continue ====

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