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S4048ON Trunk Port config

I'm hoping someone can help me out with the trunk port config on my s4048 stack, I've moved up from the Nseries switch and the syntax seems to be different.

I would have expected to see

#switchport mode trunk

but this is no longer available.  I'm just looking to add multiple vlans to a port channel for uplink to a firewall device.

interface 1/1 and 2/1 in Port Channel 1 with Vlan's 201, 211, 214 allowed.

Cheers in advance



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Re: S4048ON Trunk Port config


Can you private message me a service tag so we can get some additional system information?


What version of the OS are you using? Switchport trunk should work if it is in layer 2 mode. Page 767

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Re: S4048ON Trunk Port config

Hi Neil,

I assume you are running OS9 on your S4048-ON switch.

In that case if you want to configure a port-channel #1 with LACP carrying three tagged VLANs and VLAN 1 as native VLAN. - do it the following way:

dell# conf

dell(conf)# interface range ten 1/1 , ten 2/1

dell(conf-if-range)# port-channel-protocol lacp

dell(conf-if-range-lacp)# port-channel 1 mode active

dell(conf-if-range-lacp)# exit

dell(conf-if-range)# no shutdown

dell(conf-if-range)# exit

dell(conf)# interface port-channel 1

dell(conf-if-po-1)# portmode hybrid

dell(conf-if-po-1)# switchport

dell(conf-if-po-1)# no shutdown

dell(conf-if-po-1)# exit

dell(conf)# interface group vlan201, vlan211, vlan214

dell(conf-if-group)# tag port-channel 1

dell(conf-if-group)# no shutdown

dell(conf-if-group)# end

dell# write

! verify

dell# show run interface configured

dell# show interface switchport port-channel 1













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