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Some devices wont't do 802.1x with MAB



we have a DELL N-Series Infrastruktures, most switches are N3000-ON but we have also some N1100 switches. 

We use PacketFence as Network Access Control system and use RADIUS Based authentication with it. 

Some clients are not able to do 802.1x, so we enabled MAB for all ports, it's working well for most clients.

But with some not, mostly small equiment like temperature sensors etc. 

They make a lot of struggle. They wont't come online without a restart on ports with configured 802.1x/MAB. We have to restart them (power off, disconnect battery...).
On normal access ports it's working without problems. Plug in -> online.

I noticed that I don't see any MAC Adresse in the MAC Table of that port and the port stuck in unauthorized mode.

How could that be? Why is MAB not working for some clients? Does someone have an idea what I can do?
Removing the 802.1x config from these ports it's not a solution because of security rules in our company.

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I would make sure the firmware is up to date on the switches. You may want to increase the timeout for the authentication and see if that helps, maybe the devices are not sending their MAC quickly enough.


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You are right, I monitored the traffic from these devices.... They send NOTHING .... crap devices.

I have to make them more communicative

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I've the same problem, Have you find any solution?


 it's helpful to enable DHCP instead of configure the IP Adress static on the device.

That cause traffic on the interface and allow the switch to learn the Mac Adress and authenticate the device on the port via MAB.

Works sometimes, but not always.... 



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