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Someone knows how to configure "switchport voice vlan" in del powerconnect 55 series?

Hi!  I've the following configurations:

vlan database

vlan 100 name data 

vlan 200 name voice 

voice vlan id 200

I need to on my ip phone, run the data vlan 100 on the port "PC" and on it has the voice vlan 200 for ip telephony
I usually use this command on CISCO routers:
Fastethernet interface 0/3 (the phone is connected here) Switchport mode access Switchport access vlan 100 Switchport voice vlan 200 Spanning-tree port fast But how do I configure this in dell powerconnnect 5524 ?? I will thank you for life
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On this Switch you will use Trunk mode instead of access mode. Here is a good guide for configuring voice VLAN on the 5500 series switches.

Let us know if you have any questions.

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