Tagging Trunks On N3132PX


I Have a N3132PX  I am running 6 VLANs on.

I am managing the N3132PX on my VLAN 1 PVID 1 as my management network. It is static IP to 192.xxx.xxx.10. I have a server plugged into port 25 on VLAN 2 PVID 2 untagged. Port 32 is my Trunk port to pass all my VLANs. VLAN 2 shows that port as trunked. VLAN 1 shows the trunk port as Untagged. First question.

Can I not pass VLAN 1 on a Trunk port to manage the switch on the other end of port 32?

On the other end of port 32 is a Black Box LGB2118A (192.xxx.xxx.13). Port 16 on the Black Box is set to tagged Trunk using PVID 1.

Second problem is from the Black Box I can't ping the Dell N3132PX through the trunk. The computers on the Untagged VLAN 2 ports can't see the server through the trunk either. Am I missing something? I can't communicate through my switches from my computers or my switches. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Tagging Trunks On N3132PX

When a physical interface is issued the command no shut, the interface defaults to being untagged for VLAN 1. The default VLAN is carried across a Trunk, but it stays untagged. You can tag VLAN 1 by making a different VLAN the default VLAN.


Here are some resources to help you check your configuration.



Page 881: http://dell.to/2EfE4hs


Feel free to post up the running config, I can help look through it.

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