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Trunk Port on Dell PowerConnect 5424

I need to configure a port on a PowerConnect 5424 to function as a Trunk port. That port will be connected to a Cisco router that will deliver traffic for 2 seperate VLANS - I need the switch to deliver the traffic to the proper VLAN.

From the Web config tool, I am able to configure a port to function in Trunk mode, but I don't see a way to then set the VLANS that I want that port to participate within. When I set the port to Port VLAN Mode of Trunk, the PVID is set to 1 and I don't see a way to change the PVID or to add multiple values to it as I would expect.

Any insight on how to accomplish this?

Thanks, jon

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Re: Trunk Port on Dell PowerConnect 5424

Use the VLAN Membership page to add VLANs to switch and ports to VLANs:

VLAN Membership > Click Add Button in upper right of frame

Create New VLAN > VLAN ID >  nnnn

Create New VLAN > click Apply changes button

Repeat above for each VLAN you desire

VLAN Membership > Click Refresh Button in upper right of frame

VLAN Membership > VLAN ID pull down > select vlan nnn

VLAN Membership > Ports > select ports as Tagged or Untagged

Once VLAN is created, you can use Port Settings page to set the PVID to the VLAN.



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