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VLAN Management DELL S-Series VTP, GVRP ....


in a remote site we have Dell N3000 Switches connected to a Dell S4112F-ON Switch.

I know, Dell doesn't support VTP, because it's a cisco protocoll, but there must be a protocoll like GVRP on the S-Series switches. Otherwise VLAN management in that network is difficult ....

I don't wan't to create a vlan on multiple switches by hand that cost to much time. 

And is it realy not possible to add ALL vlans to a physical interface trunk port??

The command "switchport trunk allowed vlan" requieres a VLAN ID and doesn't allow ALL as an option.




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You might look into a VLT configuration to see if that may be something that would help. I've got links for OS9 and OS10 both. This would have end devices thinking they're connecting to the core switch and may achieve a similar result to what you're looking for.


I've also included the manual pages for both switches you mentioned. I looked for a command to enter multiple VLANs at a time (or all VLANs), but I didn't see an option to do so.






N3000 Manual Page:


S4112F-ON Manual Page:


Hi, VLT looks more like a stacking protocol as like a alternative for VTP or GVRP... How manage Dell large Networks with hundreds of VLANs and Switches?

OpenManage Network Manager is the software product we have for network management. You can find information on it's page linked below. It is a purchased software, but I believe it has a free trial period.

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