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VLAN Routing - N2000 Series

Hi All,

We have been using the 5500 series L2 switches for all of our sites, but they are now end of life so I purchased the N2000 series L2+ switches which are a direct replacement.

On the 5500 I have three VLAN's on the switch, VLAN 1, 10 & 100. Only the native data VLAN has an IP interface on the switch for management, VLAN 10 & 100 have their interfaces on our firewall. VLAN1 is untagged and 10 and 100 tagged. With static routing, apart from the local route, I have a /0 remote route to the firewall IP to send other VLAN traffic to the firewall. This works perfectly on the 5500 series switches.

Now to the issue, I have recreated the above on the N2000 along with the tagging and when i check the MAC address table I can see that the firewall MAC address is only being discovered on the native VLAN 1 and not in 10 and 100 when i should appear in all.

Any idea's?

Thanks in advance.

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