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VLAN configuration using 5448, 5324 and 5424 switches.


This is my first posting here on this forum. This is my first time configuring switches and I’ve mainly used the HTTP interface. CLI is not a problem but this should be possible to configure through the GUI interface.

Need some help in configuring a second VLAN (VLAN1 being the default) between the following PowerConnect connection: 5448(main)-fiber-5324-fiber-5424. I have a VPN router connected to the 5448 and a PC connected to the 5424 that I need to run on a separate network. No traffic should flow between the VLAN,s. 

It works when I configure the two ports as trunked/ tagged leaving everything else as default (access/untagged). The problem here is that the DHCP running on the VPN is activated for all the ports and the main system DHCP, running on Win2000 SBS server, crashes.

I’ve tried configuring all the ports as trunked/tagged which eliminates the DHCP problem. This isolates VLAN2 on the 5448 and after adding another port to VLAN2 on the 5448 I can access the VPN without any problems. The problem here is that there is no connection from the PC located on the 5424.

5448 – Sw version / Boot version /Hw version 00.00.02 (Latest)
5324 – Sw version / Boot version / Hw version 00.00.02 (Latest)
5424 -  Sw version / Boot version /Hw version 00.00.02 (Latest)

I’d appreciate any suggestions.

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