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VLAN validation on PowerEdge M I/O Aggregator switch


We got new Dell M1000e chassis with 2 PowerEdge M I/O Aggregator switch which are in (Role Smiley Frustratedtandalone , Mode : PMUX )

I am trying to validate VLAN which are coming from upstream Nexus 5K switch, when i check the "poweredge-m-io-aggregator_Administrator Guide7_en-us" PDF we have ping command with below options, non of the Syntax is working.

Test connectivity between the system and another device by sending echo requests and waiting for replies.
Syntaxping [host | ip-address] [count {number | continuous}] [datagram-size] [timeout] [source (ip src-ipv4-address) | interface] [tos] [df-bit (y|n)] [validate-reply(y|n)] [pattern pattern] [sweep-min-size] [sweep-max-size] [sweep-interval] [ointerface (ip src-ipv4-address) | interface]

Only Ping IP address works, i would like validate Vlans which are presented from upstream working or not before moving the chassis to production.

kindly help me how to validate particulate vlan from specific interface by pining the gateway.

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RE: VLAN validation on PowerEdge M I/O Aggregator switch

Testing conectivity across different VLANs is not usually done by pinging from the switch, as this ping is done from the management IP address and cannot be channeled through specific VLANs. If each one of the VLANs have an IP address on the M I/O, you may be able to set the source address to the VLAN IP, and do the ping that way.


You are testing VLAN 10.

M I/O VLAN 10 IP address =

Vlan 10 gateway =

# ping source

That may result in the ability to target connectivity across specific VLANs.

One of the most common methods is simply to have a server in that VLAN try to ping other devices in the VLAN.

You can check the port channel interface status itself with the command show interfaces port-channel.

Hope this helps get you headed in the right direction.

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RE: VLAN validation on PowerEdge M I/O Aggregator switch

Got your point thank you for your help.