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Vendor compatibility support for SFP + transceivers

Hi everyone!

In my company they bought N2048 series switch equipment, and they ask us to buy SFP + tranceivers.I want to know if there is a support compatibility list of any vendor of SFP + transceivers, is there? Or does it only support for  Dell SFP tranceivers?

Could you please help me?

Thank you

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Dell's suggestion is to use Dell qualified transceivers. If there is a specific type of transceiver you are looking for, I can provide you with a part number. I am certain that there are many 3rd party transceivers that will work, Dell just does not have a list. Your best bet is to check with the manufacturer of that transceiver, to see if they have a compatibility list. 


Great!  We have just purchased 2 dell N3048 switches, and would like to find compatible SINGLE-STRAND SFP+ modules. Does Dell make this sort of thing?  We'd be looking at 10 and 20KM 10Gbps modules.  Thanks!

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An LR transceiver supports a max distance of 10km, like this one:

Past 10km, you will probably be looking at an ER transceiver:

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Hello. I am having the same problem, but from what I am seeing it appears the links point to DUPLEX SFP+ modules. Similar to what runaway88 posted we use Dell N3024 switches and have been able to successfully use third party BIDI (bidirectional - single fiber) 1G SFP modules but we have not found a 10G BIDI SFP+ module that works with the switches. It appears Dell does not sell any BIDI modules, which is surprising considering this is how many internet and other dedicated fiber connections are delivered by carriers. It appears the N3024 switches refuse to accept the BIDI SFP+ modules. Strangely our S4148 seems to accept the BIDI SFP+ modules, but we have not been able to do an actual test because of the issue with the N3024. It seems that Dell is not aware of BIDI.

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