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As per my call  was scheduled today 30-07-2013,  at 3 pm
Engineer calls me at 5pm saying that he would be delayed & come at 7.30 pm
Engineer again calls me at 6.30pm, & again says that I would come at 8 pm
Engineer again calls me and says that, today, it would not be possible for me to come, I will come tomorrow for the service.
I get a call from HCL office at 6.45pm, saying that engineer can't come today, and he will come tomorrow.
 I request Dell Representative  <ADMIN NOTE: Non public info removed as per terms of use>

Its been 7pm, but still I dnt get any call.

You people are extremely irresponsible, do not care about customers time,
simply useless absolutely sucking services.

<ADMIN NOTE: Profanity removed as per terms of use>

Below was the mail send earlier to you guyz, but such a shameless people you are,
If you cant make to your promise, why you promise for the delivery of the service.

YOu people are shameless !
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