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YY741 stacking module (PC6248) for normal client?

Hello folks,

I was wondering if I could use the stacking module (a YY741 which features two CX4-type connectors) to connect to a client. So no stacking, but normal ethernet interco.

I thought I could find some information about it in the whitepaper about stacking (Power Connect Stacking), but there the module is not listed at all.

Maybe you can help me out?

Best regards


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Re: YY741 stacking module (PC6248) for normal client?


It isn’t a validated configuration, but you could try it.

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Re: YY741 stacking module (PC6248) for normal client?

Not sure if it is possible with the expansion module you have, but some CX4 modules for the 6248 can be configured for either role, ethernet or stacking. According to the link below (see page 16), for some modules the configured stack mode can be displayed using "show stack-port" and can be changed to ethernet with the "stack-port" command, though I don't see the model number you are referring to in Figure 11 (knowing these numbers sometimes change or are replaced) : https://www.dell.com/support/article/us/en/04/sln314279/expansion-modules-for-dell-networking-switch....  Hopefully command information is given in more detail on pages 167-169 in the UG : ftp://ftp.dell.com/Manuals/Common/powerconnect-m6220_User%27s%20Guide_en-us.pdf Hope this helps.