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Z9264F-ON Configuration


Booted a new Z9264F-ON using OS10 version While trying to configure some 40G cables, found that the switch was using port groups.


Z9264-D12-U45-44# show port-group

hybrid-group profile Ports Mode
port-group1/1/1 unrestricted 1/1/1 Eth 100g-1x
1/1/2 Eth 100g-1x
port-group1/1/2 unrestricted 1/1/3 Eth 100g-1x
1/1/4 Eth 100g-1x
port-group1/1/3 unrestricted 1/1/5 Eth 100g-1x
1/1/6 Eth 100g-1x
port-group1/1/4 unrestricted 1/1/7 Eth 100g-1x
1/1/8 Eth 100g-1x

With the interfaces assigned to port groups the interface breakout command does not work. Changes have to be made through the port group interface configuration.

1. Do I need port groups? 

2. Why are port groups the default configuration?

3. Can you have a 40G and a 100G interface in the same port group?

4. How do you remove a port group?






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Page 149 explains how it is configured.


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