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Re: port mirroring and multicast

The VLC media player worked great, is free, with an easy to use gui interface.  the player is actually both the client and server.  So any Windows box I put it on could be a server or a client.  but without igmp setup properly I noticed it appeared to be multicasting as I had intended, but was actually broadcasting.  Had to bring up wireshark to see that even when I turned off the client, the packets continued to be recieved on the port.      

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Re: port mirroring and multicast

Some more update:

I am able to see rx_multicast increase from Ethtool's output "ethtool -S eth2 | grep multicast" on Server 3. It shows same number of multicast as Server 2. Does it mean that multicast packets have actually been mirrored to Server 3?

However, I still don't get any multicast traffic from tcpdump. Any ideas?


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