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setup 4 vlans on 3 powerconnect 6248

Hey guys, 

I am new to switches and have been givin a task to setup 3 powerconnect 6248 switches with basically the same configuration.  I have 4 subnets that I am trying to setup on each switch, so I am guessing that I need 4 different VLANS.

Subnet 1 - 172.21.x.x

Subnet 2 - 192.168.2.x

Subnet 3 - 192.168.3.x

Subnet 8 - 192.168.8.x

What would be the best way to set this up?  I've tried to go through the GUI and specific ports for with certain VLANS, and I thought that I set the VLANS up right with the proper addresses, but still didn't have any luck.  I have an older dell switch that has our Subnet 2 traffic and plugged a cable in from that to one of the assigned ports on the new switch that I set up, but I wasn't able to ping anything on Subnet 2.  The only thing I have been able to do is plug in my second switch into the first, and the third into the second and been able to access the GUI on all three switches.  Any help or suggestion would be great.



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Re: setup 4 vlans on 3 powerconnect 6248


Probably the most efficient way to do this is through CLI. If you connect to your Dell PC with console cable, you can anything you want.

Show running will show switch current configuration.

Configure will bring you into switch configuration mode.

After that issue interface vlan X to get to vlan configuration mode and from there enter ip address X.X.X.X X.X.X.X.

That's all. Repeat this for others VLANs if you need.

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