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We have a Dell x1018 P that stopped communicating with the switch next to it (connected via fiber on an SFP). Upon inspection, we noticed that while the switch was powered up, all the ports were dark.  We had to reboot it twice for it to become operational again.

It has the latest firmware (

Any ideas as to what could cause this and a potential remedy?  The uptime prior to rebooting was about 3 weeks.

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RE: x1018p

Here are some areas to look at.

- Check logs, see if they recorded any errors that may point towards a cause.

- Do you have a different transceiver you can swap out with?

- Can also try a different port.

- Keep track of how often this occurs and if it affects anything else on the switch.

This could be a one off occurrence, but it is good to document everything in case it is not.

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