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2350 wireless router and emule

In order to get High ID on emule i need to forward some port. 4662 and 4762 both TCP and UDP.
The wireless router is connected to a DSL modem router. Those ports are open on the modem and on the wifi router. DHCP is activated. since i'm using the 2350 i'm not able to get those high ID's i used to get before.
And it is quite straight forward that opening the above mentioned ports on the wifi router is wrong. How do i have to set the 2350 in order to have emule working properly?
Any suggestion will be highly appreciated!
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Re: 2350 wireless router and emule

The wireless router is connected to a DSL modem router.


Having two routers connected in series frequently leads to port forwarding problems. If the router connected to the DSL modem is able to act as the DHCP server and gateway for all your LAN devices, the 2350 should be reconfigured to function as an access point. The port forwarding rules will need to be in place on the DSL modem router. All the machines will receive their IP addresses from the DSL modem router, regardless of whether they're wired or wireless. What model number is the DSL modem router?

See the section of the 2350 manual entitled "Configuring Your Router as an Access Point for an Existing Network" for details on how to do that. Note that the cable connecting the 2350 to the DSL modem router needs to be moved to one of the LAN connectors on the 2350 as part of that reconfiguration.

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