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5520 WWAN

I have a XPS M1330.  I bought a 5520 WWAN for it.   It works great except for one little thing.  My email doesn't work with it.  It works fine with the old Averatec and Sierra 875.  I am not sure the problem isn't in Vista or the computer itself.  I was in a Motel with wifi last night and had the same problem.  It works fine on my home DSL and wifi.  I set up the email in windows mail.   I was led to believe it was the same as outlook express that is on the old machine.  Any help will be appreciated .

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Re: 5520 WWAN

I have the XPS M1330 and am currently looking at getting the 5520 WWAN card.

The network supplier you are using to connect to the internet has probably blocked for other outgoing servers (SMTP) than their own. This is a pretty normal occurrence nowadays and they do it to limit the amount of spam that's being sent through their networks.

I use Thunderbird as my email client and have set up multiple outgoing servers. One for work, one for home, one for various wifi-spots etc. I use an adon to change smtp when sending emails. It's called "Buttons!" and is included as an option for the outgoing mail view.


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